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Moving Into A New Home: Should You Change Your Locks?

Should I Change Locks When You Moving To A New Home?

When You Moving Into a new home there are so many things that should be done during and after a move that it’s easy for homeowners to forget about prioritizing the security of their home.
However, the most important thing to do for new homeowners or renters is if it is possible to Re-key the lock or if it is necessary and the lock is in bad condition, then it is required to change locks to ensure optimal security of their belongings and property as a whole.
In many cases, the previous occupants of any home usually have several copies of your keys, regardless of the fact that they are obligated to surrender all of them.

This is not only a security and safety issue, but it can put a sting on your insurance claim in the future. This makes changing locks once you move into a new home important.

It’s also important to ensure that you assess locks and find out how they are graded by the American National Standards Institute.
This is an authoritative body that sets standards for products, thus ensuring that performance and characteristics are met.
This grading will let you know just how well a lock performs, as well as whether it can be rekeyed or should be replaced altogether if damaged.
Installing a deadbolt is a good idea as it provides additional security.

The main garage doors, the doors connecting the garage as well as any other exterior doors leading to your house are the most important areas that should be attended to immediately. This is something that a get pro locksmith can help you with.

You have every right to ask your landlord to change your locks and make inquiries about who will have access to your home.
Many apartment complexes usually have masker key systems that allow maintenance personnel to enter your apartment.
In the case of a townhouse or condominium, you will want to inquire about community association. For instance, what are the rules regarding how your lock can look from the outside?

When it comes to re-keying or replacing all the locks in your home, it’s always important to ensure that a professional Woodland Hills locksmith does it. Attempting to do this on your own may end up compromising the integrity of the door as you try to drill a hole for the lock or otherwise. A professional locksmith will install new locks fast and effectively, thus giving you peace of mind that your property is secure.

Only use reputable locksmiths

Be aware of who is the locksmith company you choose, Below you can watch how locksmiths businesses doing tricks and charging you for unnecessary work.