Master Key System

The Perfect Master Key System For any Business or Home!

Get Pro locksmith has been the number one provider for high security products such as the Master Key System in Los Angeles Country, CA for a long time. Our quality lock systems are popular with most commercial spaces as well as homes.
Get Pro locksmith customizes your Master Key Security requirements based on your needs. All these systems are made to order and are tailored to specifically meet our customers’ needs.
Each key is specifically designed and made using high quality material that ensures durability and safety.
Apart from our Master Key System, we also provide multiple keying options and laser high security locks to secure your assets in the best possible manner.
All master keys work the same way, but the ones we design and create increase safety which the most essential factor when investing for locks.

What is Keys Master System?

Master Key System options

These keys are designed for specific needs and are based on the kind of roles most corporate organizations have. You could have a small set up with about 20 doors to guard or one that has about 200 doors and we’ll cater to your needs just fine.


One of the main benefits of the Master Key System is security. You can now limit access to your employees ensuring they don’t enter rooms they aren’t supposed to enter.
You can add more keys and more rooms as your business expands without having to change the entire interface. You don’t have to replace the locks over and over again in order to add more locks, we have it all worked out right from the start.
These keys cannot be replicated or remade. Only Get Pro locksmith can create duplicate keys that keep you safe and ensure nobody can enter your premises without permission or admission. This means nobody can ever make a copy of these keys and try to get into your office without your permission

The power of being your own master key system

It’s time to forget carrying multiple keys to open several doors at work – All you need is your Master Key and you can open any door you like. Limit access to your staff and choose who can go where. You don’t need a huge bunch of keys to open up doors and you don’t need to worry about which key opens which door either. All you need is this one key that opens all the doors for you.

Automatically increases security and safety in your office premises and ensures information stays confidential.

Keys Master System
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How the Master Key System Works?

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