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Locksmith Safety Tips for House Parties

How to Avoid Calling a Locksmith During a Party?

House parties are fun, and housewarming parties are a great way to integrate yourself into a new neighborhood. However, 28% of people misplace their keys each week, and if you factor in a party atmosphere and good conversation, you’re likely to be a little more forgetful about where you place them. Being surrounded by close friends and family is a great way to celebrate a special event or even warm up your new place with laughter and cheer. However, it’s important to focus on locksmith safety tips when planning a house party, as you won’t want to be caught outside in the cold in need of a locksmith when the party’s just getting started.

Invite Guests You Know

Housewarming parties are a great way to get to know the neighbors and make new friends. However, if you’re inviting people over to your home or apartment, it’s best to only invite people you know simply for safety reasons. To further increase safety, pick a housewarming party theme that somehow promotes a quest to “check-in” before the party. Murder mystery party themes or any other sort of theme that requires people to write down their name and participate in a game of sorts will help you keep track of who is coming in and out of your home.

Lock Doors to Personal Rooms

Whether you’re having a housewarming party to show off your new space or simply want to have a few friends over for a kickback, it’s a good idea to lock the doors to personal areas of your home. Party guests likely don’t need to be entering your bedroom or home office, and if they do, they can ask you to accompany them to do so. If your bedroom doors don’t have locks on them, you can ask your locksmith about high-security lock installation or simply store your personal belongings and expensive electronic items in a safe or another secure area.

Have a Spare Set of Keys

In the middle of all of the commotion, it’s easy to get carried away with the festivities and wander outside without your keys in hand. It’s a smart idea to have a spare set of keys on hand to avoid the need to call a locksmith in the wee hours of the morning. If you think you might lose track of your spare keys as well, consider having the number of a trusted locksmith on hand just as an extra safety measure. Don’t feel ashamed if you need to give them a call, as up to 250,000 Americans make emergency calls to locksmiths each day.

Locks that don’t work properly or at all should be replaced immediately by a professional Reseda locksmith. This is because improper locks can easily result in you being locked out. And with time, a damaged lock stresses the key which may eventually break. It’s important to always ensure that all the locks work properly.

Only use reputable locksmiths

Be aware of who is the locksmith company you choose, Below you can watch how locksmiths businesses doing tricks and charging you for unnecessary work.