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  • Gates and Fence Restorations

    If your old fence or gate has lost its functionality and appeal, we can give it a touch up. Get Pro LockSmith can have your fence restored in no time. Our restoration services will make you fence last for decades, thus helping you increase the security of property for years to come.

    Even though fence restoration can be costly in some cases, the emotional value of the original fence/gate makes it worth the investment. As such, we reuse as much of the original piece as possible. Indeed, fence restoration is the key to protect your fence’s natural appeal and original shape.

    Fence restoration implies:

    • Cleaning the fence surfaces
    • Removing surface degradation
    • Surface smooth out
    • Structural stability check
    • Complete repairs
    • Priming
    • Enamel Application

     So if you were thinking about spending more money on a new fencing system just because your current one might need some touch-ups, think again! Call our company and our experienced staff will gladly do an assessment and provide you with a free estimate to make your gate and/or fence system as good as new with a high-quality restoration service.

    Our staff will work hard and smart to provide you with a high-quality result and to exceed your expectations in both labor effectiveness and cost-efficiency. We keep our tools and gadgets updated and our staff is constantly trained to provide our clients with great and friendly customer service! For a trustworthy and professional service, you know who to call; Pro LockSmith!

    For more information about our services, please contact one of our customer service representatives at any of our numbers. To us, quality is a must and competitive prices are a promise. Get Pro LockSmith restores wrought iron and metal fencing back to its original state to keep its value intact. Call us now for top of the line gate and fence restoration!

  • Wood House Fence

    Install New house fence

    Wood Fane

    Complete wood fence installation

    Wood Fence

    New wood fence

    Fence around landscape

    Design fence

    Design Wood Fence

    Pool combination fence

    Pool combination wood and metal fence

    Pool Wood Fence

    Round pool fence

    Patio fence

    Installation of patio fence

    Metal Fence

    Design metal fence installation or repair

    Full Size Render Gate

    Install and repair full size render Gate

    Special wood gate design

    Install special wood gate design.

    Wood gate Design

    Design wood gate

    Ram Gate Motors

    Ram design gate with motors

    Motor Gate Repair

    repairing gate motor

    Motor Gate Repair

    Motor Gate Repaired

    Broken Gate

    Broken gate to be replace

    Gate Footing

    digging to replace gate footing to replace motorized

    Gate motorized

    take out gate motorized

    Footing Base Mount

    Install and setup Footing Base mount

    Motorize gate replace

    replacing gate motorize

    Cover gate plate

    Install gate cover plate

    Gate complete installed

    Complete gate installation