• For Savvy Buy-To-Let Landlords, A Locksmith Is Non-Negotiable

    Purchasing a property to then rent out is one of the most effective ways to grow your wealth. According to the Washington Post, a $40,000 investment will grow to over $256,000 on average after ten years, representing a wonderful return on investment. The one major obstacle to your success in this market is people. By and large, tenants are conscientious and will treat your property as their own. The small minority, however, can create issues, and having a dedicated locksmith will help you to rectify these with the minimum loss of income.

    Catering for students

    Like most tenants, students are by the majority well behaved and will look after their accommodation. Landlords are, in general, positive about letting to students, with studies showing that up to 71% of students are punctual with rent payments and treat the property respectfully. For the minority, having a locksmith is effective for when students fail to return keys on vacation of the property, or for when damages cause an eviction. Furthermore, due to the connection between the students, parents and college authorities, it is often more straightforward to recoup costs. This is even more likely in the modern day. CNBC recently noted that more students are taking insurance plans out for their accommodation, giving landlords the option of pursuing insurance claims.

    Evicting problem tenants

    Problem tenants, who will prevent lawful eviction and stay in a property way past their welcome, are an ongoing problem for landlords across North America. In Canada, one tenant spent months in a property, costing $12,000 in rent arrears. When a lawful eviction is declared, the problem here is often too slow action on the part of the landlord. Having a reliable and qualified locksmith gives you the opportunity to swiftly take action when the need arises, assuming all of the legal barriers have been surmounted.

    Day to day issues

    Lost or locked in keys is one of the most common problems that tenants face and a landlord with a qualified locksmith has the opportunity to provide great customer service. According to a tips guide published by the New York Times, a great landlord will offer a great relationship with their tenant. Alongside other workers who can provide emergency help, like plumbers and gas fitters, having a locksmith or company that can provide reliable help, despite cost, will help to alleviate a little of your tenant’s stress and give them a better quality of life. Ultimately, small changes like these will help to create a tenant for a long period of time, who will also be more receptive to necessary changes like rent increases or changing city taxes.

    Ultimately, having a locksmith allows a landlord to do three things. First, problems can be rectified quickly as they arise. Secondly, problem tenants can be dealt with legally and with minimum hassle. Finally, an extra layer of security can be provided for tenants, building your relationship with them.

  • Only use reputable locksmiths

    Be aware who is the locksmith company you choose, Below you can watch how locksmiths businesses doing tricks and charging you for unnecessary work.